One important piece of the renovation to the patio at our Adult Day Center is complete thanks to the skills and generosity of Seamus Leonard. A student at St. John’s Jesuit High School, Seamus built two raised garden beds and a planting table as part of his Eagle Scout service project.

Seamus was first introduced to MemoryLane Care Services last year when he completed his school service hours in the Adult Day Center. During the several weeks he volunteered his time, he formed a great bond with some of the participants. It was because of that experience that Seamus chose the focus for his Eagle Scout service project, one that would give back to MemoryLane and benefit our participants.

“The garden beds and planting table will allow their participants to go outside and enjoy the fun and satisfaction of gardening activities,” Seamus said. “The garden beds will hold either flowers or vegetables and will provide participants with the opportunity to garden, weed or simply enjoy watching the growth and production of the garden.”

Experts have said that gardening can have a positive effect on the physical, mental and emotional health of people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

“We are so grateful to Seamus for his hard work and generosity. The raised beds and planting table will be a great benefit to our participants when we’re able to do activities on the patio,” said Salli Bollin, Executive Director of MemoryLane.

To learn more about Seamus and his Eagle Scout project, visit his GoFundMe page.