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Meaningful help when caregiving

Providing care to someone with memory challenges can be overwhelming, especially when you juggle other responsibilities like work and family.

Care Coaching guides you through the caregiving journey. Our Care Coaches help you to identify issues that are causing stress: provide you with proven, useful information, and give you the support you really need.

Convenient phone/email contacts with a Care Coach

Conversations take place via phone or email, so you can take calls, send questions in an email at your home or on the go.

We help the person with health conditions and family and friend caregivers

The coaching is tailored to each individual or family situation. Care Coaches address challenging situations and work with you to put together steps to improve the care situation.

Care Coaches help you:

* Learn about and get connected to health and community services
* Care Coaches will help you navigate difficult conversations about care
* Involve other family members and friends

Partners in Building a Dementia Capable Community:

Area Office On Aging

This FREE program is supported by a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Community Living (#90ADPI0008-01-00)

Please contact Lyndi Winzeler for more information:
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